RSS feed bis

Just made some last modifications to the RSS feed, and now it should be ready for prime time.  Go ahead, test it, and let me know if anything goes wrong...  If everything goes well we'll officially launch this feature shortly...

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het duurt altijd langer dan je denkt behalve dat ie nu zegt

"could not find lalalalalala"

Gepost door: the dog | 02-06-03

Nice! Just in case you didn't know: there's an RSS validator at http://feeds.archive.org/validator/ Not that you'll need it: your feed validates :)

You might also want to think about autodiscovery in the predefined templates: http://diveintomark.org/archives/2002/06/02/important_change_to_the_link_tag.html

Gepost door: karma | 02-06-03

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