Dutch blog shortage?

While going through the statistics on blog creation I noticed something weird: there were way more French blogs than Dutch ones.  Even when I added the English blogs to the Dutch ones, there still were more French ones, so it wasn't a case of Flemish people preferring to blog in English.
So I performed a little experiment: I put my girlfriend in front of the computer, pointed the browser to http://www.skynetblogs.be and asked her to create a blog.
Ten seconds later I had the answer to the mystery: on the 'Create a blog' page there is a link pointing to a Skypass creation form, and this link was broken (check it out)
On the same page however, there was also another link and a button for the same purpose, but those did point to the right page (this should work)
So that explains it: about a third or more of potential Dutch speaking bloggers got blocked trying to create their page...
Anyhow, it should be fixed in the morning, meanwhile I put up a notice on the blogs front page explaining this to the users.
Oh, yeah, the page my girlfriend created is at http://jufferig.skynetblogs.be, if you are interested...

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Bigger problem than it seems It's not just a link problem, as the 2 links are *exactly* the same ...
And they are both working on my side now while testing on the dutch portal :(
I'll check this tomorrow with the developer of the Skypass, but there's nothing we can do on our side :'(

Gepost door: Phil H | 03-06-03

Nope... The difference is that the first link points to register.php and the second one to register2.php...

Gepost door: Maarten | 03-06-03

OK Saw it on the Maak uw Skypass aan! link
The problem now is that I can't on my side modify the Skypass logon screen displayed in the middle of the page ...
So it can't only be solved tomorrow :(

Gepost door: Phil H | 03-06-03

But ... Strangely, all the links, even if it points to register or register2 works from here.

Very very strange

Gepost door: Phil H | 03-06-03

Oh, well... Glad we know of the problem now anyway...

Gepost door: Maarten | 03-06-03

spread the word !! For your information, I wrote an article about Skynet Blogs at my blog :
http://mediatic.blogspot.com." target="_blank">http://mediatic.blogspot.com">http://mediatic.blogspot.com.

Gepost door: JLR | 04-06-03

Kind of a fix I've replaced all the harcoded links to register2.php by variables pointing to register.php
Hope it will help, we'll monitor the creation of the Skypass every 10 min.

Gepost door: Phil H | 04-06-03

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