Busy day today...

New improvements:
  • Archives and linklists in the sidebars had their lay-out re-done: we now use tables in combination with <li> tags, so long links or titles nicely wrap around and don't end up under the bullet image.

To be launched soon:

  • RSS feed objects for the sidebars: I added some more features, you can see examples on the right of this blog.  It is now optional to display (part of) the description for an item.  It is also possible now to limit the length of the titles to a number of characters.  The number of stories to show can also be set.  Just like whether or not to display an XML icon.
  • Philippe has been working his butt off on a blog index.  Real Soon Now...

Internal stuff:

  • Made myself a page so I could view all images on all the blogs, ten at a time.  I must say, there are some weird people out there ;-)


  • The link to create a Skypass in the Dutch version of the portal should now work.  Let's hope so... 

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