Bowling for Skynetblogs

Just got back from an all-day meeting with the development team I'm in at Skynet.  Seems like work on blogs will definitely continue...
In addition, I'll also get to work on:

  • The Skynet bargains page
  • Maintenance of the Skynet chat on the portal
  • SMS sending via the Skynet portal
  • A resource page for people with personal sites at Skynet

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Wijziging in teksteditor Enig idee waarom de keuze van teksteditor van eenvoudig naar geavenceerd niet behouden blijft. De wijziging is anders gesaved?

Gepost door: theweb | 05-06-03

Maybe an explanation, even if I'm a little too drunk to read dutch :)

If you select the Rich text editor (RTE) as main text editor and you can't display it ( because you are on a mac, or a Linux brower/opera ), I change the test editor option the 1st time you make a post.

So in summary :

RTE selected -> cannot display RTE -> post -> change to STE

Gepost door: Phil H | 06-06-03

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