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New service to kickstart weblog popularity in Belgium

Tomorrow marks the launch of Belgacom Skynet's SkyBlogs, reflecting Skynet's intention to be the first to offer Belgian surfers a made to measure tool for creating weblogs. With a number of practical options that cannot be found in most weblog instruments, this customized tool will also allow users to explore the weblogging community in their own language. As the icing on the cake, even the most advanced Skynet Blogs options are completely free of charge.

A weblog, or "blog" for short, is a tool that will help you publish an online diary, for example, quickly and easily on the Web. It does not require any knowledge of HTML or any other technology. Blogging is a relatively new way of communicating on the Web. Although the concept has existed since the early 90s, it has only reached a broad audience since the attacks of September 11th 2001. The number of active bloggers is currently estimated to be over one million.

Traditional blogs consist mainly of texts such as news, comments, reflections, opinions, etc. The engine that operates these types of blogs is therefore an application that makes it possible to publish and update texts continuously, in the flick of a wrist. Skynet Blogs is different from other blog instruments in that it is offered in WYSIWYG mode (What You See Is What You Get), which provides a range of options that can be added to the blog, e.g. photos, archives, counters, etc.

Skynet Blogs makes Belgacom Skynet the first provider in Belgium to offer a local tailor-made alternative to the primarily English-language blog instruments that are available on the Web. SkyBlogs is also perfectly complementary to the other Web-based instruments of Skynet and the Belgacom Group, such as Groopy (for creating online communities) and Skynet Web Creator (for creating professional websites for SMEs.)

According to Skynet's Marketing & Sales Director Bart Becks, there couldn't have been a better time to launch this type of service, "With the high bandwidth penetration in Belgium and the booming popularity of blogs in the recent months, we have all the ingredients that are necessary to make Skynet Blogs a success. People are more inclined to create and visit blogs when they surf at a fixed rate and do not have to worry about how much time they spend online."

When you publish a blog via Skynet Blogs, you receive an http://your_nickname.skynetblogs.be type of URL, which may even be mentioned on the Skynet.be portal. To discover how to publish via Skynet Blogs, surf to www.skynetblogs.be or the portal www.skynet.be.

Since January 2003 Belgacom Skynet focuses 100% on offering a wide range of content services. Skynet.be, Swing.be, Groopy.be and Belgacom.net welcome over 2 million visitors per month. Belgacom Skynet's portfolio also includes the activities of its subsidiaries: ThePush (JustForYou.be) and Eduline (KidCity.be).

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