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Check out http://bloggers_helpen_bloggers.skynetblogs.be, a self-help group for beginning bloggers! 

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rss feed for root broken on my browser cos missing / after root.skynetblogs.be

Gepost door: Dog | 08-06-03

wie is er nu weer met de static images aan het prutsen? tis 12 uur snachts, moeten jullie
niet naar huis gaan?

Gepost door: dog | 08-06-03

Another forum Perhaps you can also add the next link to your blog: http://www.skynet.be/index.html?a=threads&l1=communication&l2=forum&l3=home&p1=303.
This is a Skynet Forum about Skynetblogs. It's written in Dutch, but that's for blogger_helpen_bloggers the same.
I like a central place for information interchange!
With publishing this link, there can perhaps be generated some more traffic for this forum.


Gepost door: theweb | 09-06-03

static images yoyoing between bullets and triangles. make up your mind dudes.

Gepost door: the dog | 09-06-03

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