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Check out the order of the comments on my blog... that's right, the oldest messages go first, the newer ones are added at the bottom of the list!
Currently, this Skynet blog is the only one having this new feature ;-)
Soon, everybody will be able to choose the order of the comments on their Skynet blogs...

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It works :) I've just uploaded the new files :)

Gepost door: Phil H | 10-06-03

Thumbs up!!! Maarten and Phil (and the ones we don't get to see..):
Just for the sake of "supportering": keep up the good work !!!

Gepost door: Flex Flint | 10-06-03

Thanks :) It was a job, now it's a passion :)

Gepost door: Phil H | 10-06-03

eh, dude waarom zijn mijn beeldekens (meer dan) drie keer volumineuzer bij het downloaden als bij het uploaden?

Gepost door: the dog | 10-06-03

ofwel is het een bug in de "save" van IE explorer. bizar.

Gepost door: dog | 10-06-03

loos alarm definitief een cient-side probleem...

Gepost door: the dog | 10-06-03

RSS/XML feeds How do you get those RSS/XML feeds in your blog, like the one of The Command Post on the right side ? It would be nice to have some RSS feeds on my Skynet blog (eg Slashdot,...)

Gepost door: Kristof | 10-06-03

For The Dog : the problem you have is due to the fact IE tries to download a *.bmp version of the images. It happens sometimes, dunno why. Time to think about installing a Debian :)

For Kristof : Maarten has developed the possibility to extract an RSS feed from all the Skynet Blogs and display it on any other Skynet Blog. I hope I'll have time tomorrow to create an object you can add in your sidebar, so you can have content from a RSS you'll specify in a simple configuration screen. As RSS is a standard, you'll b able to use the same object for non-Skynet RSS feeds, like /.

Gepost door: Phil H | 10-06-03

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