This is too funny!

Have a look at http://jvbservices.skynetblogs.be/, a blog which is in fact against our terms of service because it is commercial in nature.  But the doofus who made the site forgot to turn off comments.  Hilarity ensued...
I wouldn't want to encourage people to abuse his comments some more, because that wouldn't be correct of me.  So I won't.

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oh well If, after all this settles down, we get a system where we can remove the crap from our comments you're not gonna hear me complain.

Meanwhile, you might actually rephrase your message before the cyber-vigilantes get totally out of control. This tavernier dude looks OK, and the dog also might have been rather lavish with his sarcasm, but there are a lot of people out there with a ... shall we say "more basic" sense of humour.

Gepost door: Dog of Flanders | 19-06-03

hum ... ... it seems that now, comments are turned off ... :-((

Gepost door: jimich | 19-06-03

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