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We're going to do a "Who-can-get-most-people-to-start-blogging-contest"! The idea is that new bloggers will tell us who referred them to our service during the sign-up-process, and the blog that gets mentioned most wins a year of free cinema!Expect the contest to start soonish, as soon as the technical details are implemented...

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tja... ik begin al te denken over een automatisch scriptje, om automatisch nieuwe blogs aan te maken met natuurlijk mij als referer... oeps verklapt! ;-) Neen, wat is een nieuwe blog? een blog, waar minstens 10 berichten op worden gepost? die minstens 2 weken onderhouden wordt? ....

Gepost door: namreh | 25-06-03

whatever "a year of free cinema!"

tha's cool an all, but if we had friends, would we be bloggin' ?
seriously, pray tell, what would be the primary key for a user, or is this a contest who can create the most hotmail addresses and crappy blogs?

Gepost door: DOF/BDF | 25-06-03

Skynet Incentives What if the blog is called "Live From Brussels", hmmm?
That's where I heard it first!

Gepost door: Flex Flint | 25-06-03

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