Gone for a month...

I'm on honeymoon vacation until the 26th of august... If you really need to reach me, leave a comment on D.C. 2 L.A., our honeymoon vacation blog live from the road...
Be good bloggers now, I don't want to hear about any bad stuff happening when I come back!

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hihi Yes, daddy-blogger, i'll be a good girl :D
have a great honeymoon!

Gepost door: didi | 25-07-03

idea i have a, i think, great idea: go to the wapsite http://ubique.ch/wapblogger and there you can make http://skynetblogs.be suitable for wap, which means that everybody can acces his skynetblog via any wap-device, or you can read other blogs too. i think it would be great that can update our blog from anywhere :), pls tell me what you think about this!

Gepost door: didi | 27-07-03

You forgot You forgot to post your home address here. Along with the info you are 1 month from home, this would present a nice opportunity for the guild of homerobbers-bloggers.

Gepost door: VH | 05-08-03

need help actually, could you please mail me as soon as possible when you are back, some legal stuff happened to my blog when you were gone... :(

Gepost door: didi | 13-08-03

Deutschland Hallo!

Niemand schreibt Deutsch ? Dann werde ich es tun, ich habe die Sprache gerne eigentlich. Ist es Deine Muttersprache? Bist Du von Deutschland oder was? Ok, habe nicht alles gelesen, wollte mal hallo sagen, Tschüß

Gepost door: Biatrobe | 14-08-03

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