Expecting More...

Well, you could say I'm expecting a lot from the new features... But as you can see in the picture, I'm expecting more than just that...

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I thought it would be fun to let all of you know that Laurent has been hard at work developing the new features this week.So far he added

  • an option to archive your posts by post title instead of by day/week/month/year.
  • a new object 'rate-my-blog' which will be converted into a real poll one dayCurrently he is working on a statistics page, which will show (among other things):
  • The fastest growing blog (biggest change in visitors over past 2 days)
  • The most popular blogs of the previous day, week and overall.
  • The most active blogs (most postings today)
  • The most commented upon postings
  • The most popular RSS feeds
    After finishing with that, he'll start on the skin editor, the analysis of which I have just completed.
    All of you who want to encourage him, surf over to his blog!

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    Media Planet...

    Just learned I will be representing Skynet on the Media Planet expo. I will be explaining stuff about Skynetblogs on friday 17th and sunday 19th, at the Skynet boot.
    This might be a great opportunity to finally meet some Skynet bloggers in real-life!Anyone planning on going to Media Planet? Leave a comment!

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    Blogs V2!

    After much waiting and writing documents, the go-ahead has been given for the Skynet Blogs V2.0 project... Lots of new stuff coming!

    • User editable skins
    • Skin generator
    • New sidebar object: rate my blog
    • New sidebar object: e-mail me (hides e-mail address)
    • New statistics page
    • ...
    But before we start on that, three new skins and a FAQ page on how to promote your blog.
    Aren't we nice people here at Skynet?

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