First fixes...

With every launch it is inevitable that some bugs are found:

  • Found out that blogs with a '-' as first or last character of their name have problems with comments... This is due to the fact that '-' is an illegal character if used in first or last position in a part of a domain name, and our cache refreshing system started acting up because of this. Pity, but 11 bloggers will have to change names :-(
  • The blogging by SMS manual was hidden too well, it seems ;-) So we added a few links here and there, and even an image left and right.
  • I found a mistake in the stylesheet of the design I'm using on this blog, causing the texts of the form in the comments section to appear black-on-black. Fixed now.
  • Some other minor text stuff was fixed as well...

    Coming up next: a blog moderation tool for our product team, so we can act even quicker on reports of abuse...

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    Post by GSM


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    Yeaaaaaahhh!!!! We finally launched the new features of Skynet blogs!
    Hip hip hooray for ourselves...

    By the way, the optimized database structure and some improved queries should also make certain pages load a lot quicker than before... enjoy!

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    Just spent some time looking at some database queries and tables, optimized a few things and added the odd index or two.

    Bottom line: the front page of Skynet blogs on the Skynet portal should now load (slightly?) faster. Let me know if you noticed it...

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    Logo generator

    Hmm, the logo generator over at this place really is cool!
    (Hat tip to blog-tips)

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    Testing new features...

    As you can see in the sidebars, I'm currently testing some new features: rate-my-blog, mini-chat and mail-me sidebar thingies...Go ahead: put some stuff in there, click some buttons, try to break things...

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    And another one...

    This one of the new Top-10 page...

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