Meet me at Media Planet!

October 17th and 19th I will be in the 'Education Zone' of the Belgacom booth on Media Planet. You can come up and shake my hand at any time... I'd love to meet some of you wonderful bloggers out there...

I thought it would be fun for you all to meet up with a bunch of other bloggers there, so here's my proposal: if possible, let's meet up at the Belgacom booth 'Education Zone' Sunday at 12.30 sharp. I guess it should be possible to grab a bite and have a drink together during my break. Drop a comment if you're coming!

For those of you who can't make it on Sunday, gather at the same time on Friday. But I think more people will have the day off on Sunday, so if you can choose which day to come, Sunday would be the best option...

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Update on the new features...

So far, Laurent has nearly finished with:

  • The statistics page, including fastest growing, fastest declining and most popular blog ever...
  • A new 'rate-my-blog' object
  • A new 'e-mail me' object (it hides your e-mail address from spammers...)
  • A new setting for the 'archive' object (archive by post titles)
  • A brand new skin-editor! Yes, custom skins are coming... fast!
    Right now he is working on implementing:
  • The possibily to import basic skins as base to start from to create a custom skin
  • An option to allow visitors to rate postings on a scale from 1 to 5
    Stuff I still have to make an analysis for or am busy analyzing:
  • Blogging via SMS... beep beep!
  • A 'chatterbox' object
  • A 'skin-generator' page to create your own unique skin without HTML knowledge needed...
    Keep watching this space: I will be updating more frequently now that development is in its final stages. Notify other bloggers...

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    Start creating blogs, dammit!

    Good news: the big boss of Skynet just dropped by my desk. When we reach 5000 Skynet blogs he's organising a drink! So don't just sit there, go create some blogs or something ;-)

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    Expecting More...

    Well, you could say I'm expecting a lot from the new features... But as you can see in the picture, I'm expecting more than just that...

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    I thought it would be fun to let all of you know that Laurent has been hard at work developing the new features this week.So far he added

  • an option to archive your posts by post title instead of by day/week/month/year.
  • a new object 'rate-my-blog' which will be converted into a real poll one dayCurrently he is working on a statistics page, which will show (among other things):
  • The fastest growing blog (biggest change in visitors over past 2 days)
  • The most popular blogs of the previous day, week and overall.
  • The most active blogs (most postings today)
  • The most commented upon postings
  • The most popular RSS feeds
    After finishing with that, he'll start on the skin editor, the analysis of which I have just completed.
    All of you who want to encourage him, surf over to his blog!

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    Media Planet...

    Just learned I will be representing Skynet on the Media Planet expo. I will be explaining stuff about Skynetblogs on friday 17th and sunday 19th, at the Skynet boot.
    This might be a great opportunity to finally meet some Skynet bloggers in real-life!Anyone planning on going to Media Planet? Leave a comment!

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    Blogs V2!

    After much waiting and writing documents, the go-ahead has been given for the Skynet Blogs V2.0 project... Lots of new stuff coming!

    • User editable skins
    • Skin generator
    • New sidebar object: rate my blog
    • New sidebar object: e-mail me (hides e-mail address)
    • New statistics page
    • ...
    But before we start on that, three new skins and a FAQ page on how to promote your blog.
    Aren't we nice people here at Skynet?

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