After a month of touring the U.S.A. and surviving the first half week of work, I'm blogging again!
But disaster struck today: After fumbling up while finally putting my laptop inside our office's LAN domain, I lost nearly two gigabytes of files (honeymoon pictures, documents, favourites, settings... you name it! All gone...
Luckily Johan, one of my splendid colleagues, managed to recover much of the contents of my drive. It took a while, but he SMS'ed me a while ago that most of my files were safe on a storage drive somewhere.
Tommorow I'll survey the damage... Lucky for me I alreayd backed up a load of my honeymoon pictures on my home server from the U.S.A.!

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Gone for a month...

I'm on honeymoon vacation until the 26th of august... If you really need to reach me, leave a comment on D.C. 2 L.A., our honeymoon vacation blog live from the road...
Be good bloggers now, I don't want to hear about any bad stuff happening when I come back!

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Back for some bugfixes...

Hi all!
Just back from my first vacation of this summer, three more workdays and I'm gone again.
While I was here I did some quick bugfixing:

  • Blogs that don't give permission to Skynet to promote them don't get an RSS feed anymore.
  • The descriptions beneath a random blog link are now automatically stripped of <script> sections and other HTML tags that might or might not mess with the lay-out of other people's blogs.

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Gone for ten days... and then for a month!

I'll be gone for the next ten days, now y'all be nice, hear me!
Together with my lovely wife I'll go and cook ten days at a summer youth camp (of Chiro Meulenberg from Houthalen). Pictures of the camp will be posted here regularly.
I'll return to Skynet on the 22nd, only to be leaving again on the 24th as I leave on honeymoon vacation the 25th... We'll be driving from Washington D.C. to L.A. in one month. I just hope they have internet in the U.S.A. so I can post here now and then ;-)

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RSS feeds are coming tomorrow! The Dutch interface to add an RSS feed display to a blog is finished, and I'm waiting for French translations.This means starting tomorrow you can add the headlines of other Skynet blogs to your sidebar with the click of a mouse and the clatter of a keyboard...

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Link exchange

Blogforge exclusive...
As from now on, under 'Personalisering' (and the corresponding French menu) you can add a Link Exchange thingy to your sidebar which will make a random link to another Skynet blog appear on your own blog, and a link to your Skynet blog will then sometimes appear on other blogs that have this feature enabled...
Check it out now!

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An update...

Hi all...
I've been a bit busy the past few days, getting married and all, but you can expect some updates here this week and then I'm gone again for ten days.

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