Less than twelve hours...

...and I'll be a married man! I'm even more nervous than back when we launched Skynet blogs ;-)Anyway, if things work out the same way, I'll be more than happy...Wish me luck!

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In just two days I'm getting married! Preparations are going full speed, thankyouverymuch... Blogging will resume on monday!

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New features are coming...

Soonish, we will launch some new features (meaning, before I go on my honeymoon and Philippe is on vacation)

  • The 'foster blog' action I spoke of before
  • The possibility to delete comments on your own blog
  • A sidebar toy that displays a link to a random other Skynet blog which also has this sidebar toy installed.
  • The long-awaited RSS feed display sidebar toy
  • A new 'Skynet blogs' logo in the upper left corner
  • ...

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    News just in...

    We're going to do a "Who-can-get-most-people-to-start-blogging-contest"! The idea is that new bloggers will tell us who referred them to our service during the sign-up-process, and the blog that gets mentioned most wins a year of free cinema!Expect the contest to start soonish, as soon as the technical details are implemented...

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    Who needs the dancing baby...

    ... when you've got the dancing Sebastien?

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    Pirates of the Rue-Carli-Straat

    Friday the entire Skynet crew went for a bit of sailing, some barbecue and a lot of fun.  I've put up the pictures on my home machine: please be gentle with my bandwidth...
    (You might be wondering which one of the people in the pictures is me... I'm the one in the black T-shirt imprinted with the words "I'm blogging this.")

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    This is too funny!

    Have a look at http://jvbservices.skynetblogs.be/, a blog which is in fact against our terms of service because it is commercial in nature.  But the doofus who made the site forgot to turn off comments.  Hilarity ensued...
    I wouldn't want to encourage people to abuse his comments some more, because that wouldn't be correct of me.  So I won't.

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